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Frontal attack to democracy at the Council of Nurses in Madrid.




• Once more the governing Junta at the Council of Nurses in Madrid (CODEM in Spanish), in charge of the Council following some “ghost elections” currently under judicial scrutiny for possible criminal charges, has approved a proposal to modify its internal procedures and PREVENT THE ATTENDANCE OF REGISTERED NURSES TO THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS.

• The proposed procedure is a clear yet illegal attempt to modify the existing Council Code with regards to representation of nurses at Annual General Meetings and other

• The current governing team led by Mr Jorge Andrade (former General Secretary of SATSE union), and including the Treasurer (former Madrid Secretary of SATSE union) attempt with this proposal to impose a chaotic organisational and institutional situation with severe future consequences for CODEM.

• The proposal represents a clear and present danger to direct democracy and participation of nurses registered at the CODEM. Additionally, the proposal aims to put in place a puppet junta entirely devoted to fulfilling the wishes of the current governing team, with little interest in supporting the needs of nurses registered at CODEM.

• The proposal suggests that nursing organisations linked to the current governing junta name and select representatives for the puppet junta, preventing any other candidacy from progressing.

• CODEM is not interested in democratic and direct participation of nurses on the affairs of the Council in charge of representing them and prefers to adopt opaque and decisions in collusion with conniving organisations and individuals.

• The Spanish Nursing Council and its President Dr Máximo González Jurado together with General Secretary Mr Diego Ayuso are particularly responsible ensuring that such legal and institutional aberration is dismissed at once.

• From AME we will launch a national and international campaign that will continue at the International Council of Nurses Conference in Barcelona 2017 and ensure the necessary professional, institutional and media impact.


Madrid Nursing Association (AME).

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