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Letter to our colleague Ms. Afaf Meleis (@afafmeleis).

Madrid, 21st October 2018


Dear Ms. Afaf Ibrahim Meleis,

We address you after reading the act that will occur in our Nursing College on the 22ndOctober in your honor.

It is great news for our collective, however it is our duty as colleagues to inform you about the situation for our Nursing College of Madrid (CODEM) that represents us (more than 45 thousand nurses in the capital of Spain).

This institution, CODEM, has been without democracy for many years, no transparency in the management of our 9 million Euros annual budget, whose origin is on the fee that all nurses working in Madrid have to pay each month. These facts have forced nurses of Madrid to take our representatives to court. We have more than a hundred documents asking for transparency and even Spanish Ombudsman have recommended to CODEM “promote effective democratic participation in the electoral processes of the nursing College and avoid opacity practices.Also the Goberment of Madrid have rejected Codem’s attempt to change the College’s annual assemblies, where all nurses could participate, to a different way of representation .  If you are interested in fathom on all these topics you could read it on our web ( Sorry, it´s in spanish.

We are available to share with you much more information about how democracy could grow up in our Nursing College in Madrid (CODEM) and also in favor of nursing and our development in Spain.

We hope to meet with you soon.


Board of the Madrid Nursing Association (AME).

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